Worst UFC Cake Ever… again!

Just when I thought it could not get any worse, I am disappointed to say that I was wrong.

Last December, I did a post about the worst UFC cake ever. Little did I know that this was not an isolated incident, and some other poor sap purchased their very own awful cage-fighting pastry. Created by Casa D’Cake, this abomination features a thin licorice fence with a three-dimensional logo, and most importantly two fighters cuddling. I assume they are fighters, but this is just too homo-erotic not to mock. From the blank gaze on their faces staring up longingly into the sky, and the way the guy in red with a well-kept goatee is laying on top of the guy in blue, it just seems like a nice relaxing picnic for this couple.

You should never judge a cake by its frosting though, and it very well might be edible, but would you want to see eat something with two men spooning on top of it? Is this an improvement over the previous worst UFC cake ever? You can decide – click here to see my post from last December of the original worst UFC cake ever. For those who enjoy pain, hit the jump to see a close-up of the inside of the cake cage!

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2 Comments on Worst UFC Cake Ever… again!

  1. Stargazing.. so sweet 😛

  2. LoL at the sponsors

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