Worst MMA Foul Ever – Takeo Shiina shows Floyd Mayweather how it’s done

This past weekend, Floyd Mayweather peeved off the combat sports blogosphere with his dirty, albeit legal, attack in his title fight against Victor Ortiz. Chances are, most fans would not have gotten so uppity had Mayweather not won the fight with those sucker punches, but he did and fans of boxing and MMA are torn on different sides of the argument about this one.

MMA has its share of dirty fighters, but I thought this video was most appropriate after what went down last Saturday night in Las Vegas. Back in November of last year in Japan at “Grachan 5”, Takeo “Cerberus Take” Shiina fought Jung Hyun Lee in a lightweight battle. Shiina made short work of Lee, but he was from done. After knocking out the Korean fighter, Shiina jumped on top of Lee to pound him with more hammerfists. The referee jumped in to break it up, but Shiina continued his assault on not just Lee but on the ref, punching him and shoving him away so he could keep beating up his downed opponent. A near riot ensued in the cage until more refs and his corner broke up the melee.

After parading around the cage for a bit, Shiina goes to check on Lee, but not necessarily to apologize. From the looks of things, Takeo begins to berate one of Lee’s cornermen, forcing referees to separate those two as well. Cooler heads prevailed, and of course, Shiina was disqualified for his actions and did apologize in the cage to everyone. And that, my friends, is how you really fight dirty. I would dare to coin the term “Yvelesque” in honor of MMA’s first King of Fouls, Gilbert Yvel. Mayweather’s got nothing on this!

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  1. Narcisist says:

    Whoa, I think they need bigger referees for that promotion.

  2. Jimbo says:

    did anyone notice the dude in camo at 1:19…looks like he comes in and throws one last big punch

  3. charlie_magugi says:

    this is actually pretty bad for mma. lol .

  4. kung fu master says:

    So stupid. And classless.

  5. bananarama says:

    so it seems

  6. Benjitsu says:

    You guy shave been had…this is a total shoot…
    check the punches after the hammerfist (def. pulled), as well as the ref flying off of the downed fightter that he has Jet Li on a rope, after a tiny kick delivered by the heel. If you want to see an amazing mix of mma skills and showmanship, go find Sakuraba’s old Japanese pro wrestling fights, AMAZING!

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