Want to buy an MMA promotion? How about MFC?

Have you ever wanted to own your very own MMA organization? How about buying one that is already well-established and full of hype around it? Well, for $3.2 Million, you can purchase the Maximum Fighting Championship promotion!

Based in Canada, MFC is currently owned by Mark Pavelich, and the man has been putting on great shows out of his company with a great roster. For reasons that are yet to be revealed, Pavelich has put the company on the market via a Facebook group status update. MMASucka.com contacted Maximum Fighting Championships Director of Media and Fighter Relations, Scott Zerr and these were his comments:

“No further comment at this time but Mark’s statement is true. The MFC is a very healthy organization and we are operating business as usual. We are continuing to move forward as planned.”

The rumor mill believes that Zuffa has purchased the company, but if that is true, why would Pavelich openly put a price tag on the promotion on Facebook? Could this all just be a brilliant marketing ploy for more traffic? Possibly.

The current roster of MFC includes Marcus Davis, Pete Spratt, Antonio McKee, Drew Fickett, Ryan Jimmo, Jesse Taylor, Thales Leites and Terry Martin, among other Canadian stand-outs. Events are aired on HDNet, and also has a DVD distribution deal. For the person who buys this company, they will have a great head-start in MMA with many assets at their hands. However, if this is just a marketing ruse, then well done Pavelich. You have alienated the entire MMA fanbase and I hope this is legit and not just to get you some more notoriety or a rage-quit. Anyone want to go into this deal with me and buy MFC and rename it the Fight Nerd Fighting Championship? FNFC sounds pretty sweet if you ask me!

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