Victor Conte talks steroids in MMA & Boxing

“You go to the doctor, he sees you are a low, he gives you a [testosterone] prescription. How hard is it to do that? I think they are handing out far too many TRT therapeutic extensions in MMA, and I think some of the higher-up’s know darn well they are doing it. I think some of the higher-up’s in the UFC are using performance enhancing drugs themselves, let alone the fighters. I’m not against using something like testosterone at a therapeutic dose… but it’s a lot different from what the pro body builders use.”

Fight Nerd correspondent Syl Peterkin spoke with the controversial Victor Conte recently on a number of topics. In this in-depth interview, we spoke about what brought Conte into the boxing world in the first place, his relationship with the current crop of professional boxers & athletes from other sports, working with MMA fighter Kyle Kingsbury for his fight against Stephan Bonnar and when he plans on getting invested deeper into MMA.

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