UFC allows Kevin James to uses their brand in MMA comedy film

Comedian Kevin James just got a large boost of support from Zuffa, as Dana White is allowing him to use the UFC branding in James’ upcoming film, “Here Comes the Boom”.

James called Dana White, who according to MMA Weekly, agreed to allow James the rights to use the UFC logo and feature UFC fighters in the movie. “I like Kevin and he called me up and he’s passionate about the sport, he wanted to do this movie. We haven’t given the rights to anybody,” White revealed. “(In the movie) it’s UFC, we gave him the rights to it.”

The UFC has not given this kind of rights in years especially with footage, not even to the Jens Pulver documentary “Driven” which focused on Pulver’s final WEC fight before being cut. The first time this was allowed was back during the SEG era when the company allowed everything to be featured on an episode of “Friends” starring Jon Favreau and featuring the octagon, Tank Abbott and Big John McCarthy.

“Here Comes the Boom” is a comedy expected to be released inext year starring James as a high school biology teacher who fights in MMA on the side. He is joined by co-stars Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler, who join him as he tries to raise money to help keep a music program funded in his school. UFC fighters will also be appearing in the film, but no Dana White. “They asked me; I’m no actor,” White said with a laugh. “No way in hell I would do that.”

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