Tim Sylvia returns to action in Illinois on August 20

Simpler times...

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia will be back in the cage in a mere few weeks, his first fight since January of this year when he was stopped in just over 30 seconds by Abe Wagner in Titan FC.

“The Maine-iac” will battle in the main event of a show promoted by “Fight Tour” at the Rockford MetroCentre in Rockford, Illinois on August 20. His opponent will be Brian Heden according to Bloody Elbow, who holds a 16-9 record against opponents like Brett Rogers and Dan Severn, with his biggest name win coming last year against Sherman “The Tank” Pendergarst. His original opponent was Shayne Adams, who is 1-2 according to Sherdog’s Fight Finder. His sole win is a knockout over Jason Miller… no, not that Jason Miller, the 27 – 22 Jason Miller who hasn’t fought since 2008 when he was knocked out by Adams. Go figure.

Other fights on the card include Sean Salmon VS LaVerne Clark and Nate McCoy VS Ruddy Gray. Also fighting on the card will be Felice Herrig, who also is a playable character in the upcoming “MMA Supremacy” video game, who will meet Kelly Warren in the cage. Also appearing at the event will be former UFC middleweight champ Rich “Ace” Franklin and former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver.

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