Tim Kennedy and Michael Bisping have a twitter feud

God bless social media! Without it, fans like us would never know about public squabbles, such as the latest one between Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy and UFC middleweight Michael Bisping!

Kennedy went on Twitter yesterday to Criticize Bisping’s performance again Jorge Rivera in their match at UFC 127, writing “It is disrespectful and unprofessional to illegally knee someone in the face while they have their knees on the ground.” He also noted that he brought this up because Jorge is a friend of his (and both are sponsored by Ranger Up!) and because he hates cheaters, and most importantly wants to fight “The Count”. Bisping responded by asking why Kennedy was complaining about a fight from months ago, which Kennedy replied with by writing that he likes to re-watch old fights to see what he learns, and ultimately learned that Rivera “is awesome”.

As Kennedy mentioned, he wants to fight Bisping and a match with the polarizing Brit would be a great test for both fighters. However, for the time being they are in two separate companies owned by one parent company that… hey, maybe they could do a cross-over show down the line and feature this match! It seems like an early marketing ploy quite frankly to lead into a bout between them, but is that such a horrible thing? Not really, since it sure is entertaining!

Via Bloody Elbow

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