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May 4, 2015

Urijah Faber calls Conor McGregor a quitter

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Urijah Faber was recently on the “Fighter and The Kid” podcast, where he let the world know about what he liked and does not like about UFC featherweight title challenger, Conor McGregor.

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“I wouldn’t mind fighting Conor. I’ll tell you what — he’s got something that a lot of guys don’t have. Something a guy like me doesn’t have, a guy like Chad Mendes doesn’t have, a guy like Frankie Edgar doesn’t have, and that’s the instincts and willingness to give up when he’s about to get knee barred. I wouldn’t give up. Come on … His knee was in danger of having some pain inflicted on it and he was like, ‘I’m out.'” He continued to pour salt in the wound, adding, “If his body is in danger, he gives up.”

The former WEC champ was referencing McGregor’s fights (and losses by submission) against Artemij Sitenkov and Joseph Duffy from many years back when Conor was a young pup.

Faber was not completely insulting about Conor, and discussed his interest in fighting him, although he saw it ending in his favor. “I think that would be a good fight,” Faber commented. “He’s massive compared to me, very athletic. But, the good thing is, he does give up, and I don’t.”

Urijah Faber will meet Frankie Edgar in a mega-fight on May 16 at UFC Fight Night in Manila, so no better time than to place a bet on this match. Currently on Paddy Power, Edgar is at 2/7 while Faber comes in at 5/2, so take a look and see if it is worth cashing in on.

December 2, 2013

“Grapple at the Garden 2″ Quick Results

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On December 1, the second annual “Grapple at The Garden” event took place at the newly renovated Madison Square Garden arena in New York City (which just a few weeks ago held their largest international Muay Thai event inside it as well). The event featured meets from the top wrestling colleges and high schools, from Rutgers, Hofstra, Cornell, Princeton, and many others.

Headlining the show was a battle of MMA fighters wrestling, as two teams led by Joe Warren and Renzo Gracie went head-to-head to see who reigned supreme inside the wrestling mats. Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar also stepped back onto the mats to take on Philipe Nover in Edgar’s first time wrestling in years. The main event of the night was Bubba Jenkins taking on Frank Molinaro, who replaced Kyle Dake who was forced to withdraw due to injury. Check out all the results after the jump!

September 12, 2013

BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar to coach TUF 19

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On this week’s UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen interview UFC President Dana White and THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER coach Miesha Tate. Plus, Insider Ariel Helwani has news on new lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and middleweight Jacare Souza.

“The coaches on the 19th season of TUF will be Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar and the man he beat at UFC 112 to become the lightweight champion,” Ariel Helwani informed the cast. “As well UFC 118, the returning ‘The Prodigy’ BJ Penn. He’s returning to the UFC. Dana White confirmed this to me. When they meet, the fight will take place 145, which will be BJ Penn’s featherweight debut. According to Dana White, BJ said Frankie is the pebble in his shoe that he can’t get rid of and he won’t retire until he beats him. The coaches will fight in April, with date and location TBD.”

UFC President Dana White on how Edgar vs. BJ Penn got put together: “We were trying to do Urijah Faber vs. Frankie Edgar, but Edgar didn’t want to go to 135 and Faber didn’t want to move to 145. I don’t like to do fights at a catch weight. Then out of the blue BJ texted me and said he wants to fight Benson Henderson. I said ‘Why?’ He said: ‘I think if I beat Ben, then you’ll give me a fight vs. Frankie Edger.’ He said that’s all he wants. ‘I want to move to 145, beat Frankie, and fight for that title.’ He says that he’s been training and taken the time off. When BJ gets fired up, he goes crazy and he fires me up. He wants this worse than anything and to fight at 145. It’s tough to say no to BJ. He just did a new deal with the UFC, so maybe if he wins this, then fights Ben, then fights for a title.”

April 5, 2013

Gym Tour of Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan

The Fight Nerd took a tour with Igor Gracie of the Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan, NY, taking a look at the three floors that make up this amazing facility located at 224 west 30th Street where fighters like Georges St Pierre, Frankie Edgar, and Eddie Alvarez come to train.

February 19, 2013

Frankie Edgar on loss at UFC 156, featherweight division, and what’s next

Fight Nerd correspondent Michael Stets caught up with former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar at the MMA World Expo 2013 to discuss his recent loss against Jose Aldo at UFC 156, and how it feels to have had seven title fights back to back. We also discuss how he feels about being in the featherweight division and if he will stay there, thoughts on Anthony Pettis getting a title shot next, and why so many lightweights are moving down to featherweight, and more!

Please excuse the audio, we had some mic troubles at the event.

October 30, 2012

“UFC Ultimate Fight Collection: 2012 Edition” DVD Review

Halloween is not even here yet, but the holiday shopping season has already begun. At this site, we are keeping our eyes peeled year round for products our fans might like or should avoid, and as the end of the year approaches, expect to see a lot more of these to make your lives a lot easier when it comes to buying stuff. It’s only fair that we kick things off with a very big product that has been hyped up for a few months now!

Last year, we praised the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition DVD set, which put every UFC event from JUly 2010- July 2011 on 20 discs, all in one convenient and uniquely-shaped boxed set. Previously, the set was released in early December, but this year, this set is coming out a month early to get into your hands (and gift boxes) for the upcoming holiday season.

Once again, holding a whopping 20 discs, this set (released by Anchor Bay) contains every event from July 2011 to June 2012, including several that have not been released on DVD before from their Fox, FX, and Fuel telecasts (and probably never will be released anywhere else again). However, this year, things have changed a little from their previous release. Does this new set hold up as strong as the 2011 edition, or will serious UFC fans be disappointed by this set?

Hit the jump for the full review!

August 10, 2012

UFC 150: What To Watch For

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It’s time again for another Frankie Edgar rematch. Sadly, there are no “Japanimation” promos for this event but the action in the cage should compensate. Six months after their initial battle, Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar will fight again for the UFC lightweight championship. The first bout was closer than the unanimous decision win by Henderson may indicate. This time around, it shouldn’t be much different.

Edgar has shown tremendous skill and miraculous comeback ability. Henderson has been a human highlight reel for years now. Each fighter has the ability to defeat the other. While Edgar has stated that the championship brings much more exposure and duties, he doesn’t expect that to hinder Henderson. Edgar now has had 6 months away from the primary spotlight which has allowed him to concentrate on his training and avoid distractions.

There is no doubt that both men will be well prepared. Both fighters know what each other is capable of, their first match lasted 25 minutes. This contest has a high possibility of going the distance as well. Fans can expect a very evenly-matched fight that could go back-and-forth. There is no clear favorite, either man can emerge victorious.

The co-main event features former teammates (at the Jackson-Winklejohn Gym) Melvin Guillard and Don Cerrone clashing, each attempting to become one step closer to a title shot. Cerrone has been electrifying since his UFC debut. His only setback since entering the promotion was in December 2011 at the hands of Nate Diaz. Guillard has been the UFC’s version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At times, Guillard appears to be one of the most talented, explosive lightweights in the world. Other times, he has appeared completely unprepared and lacking focus. Since a setback earlier in his career, partially attributed to alleged cocaine use, Guillard has seemingly put all of the negativity behind him and found his passion for competition once again.

Guillard now trains in Florida with the Blackzilians, Cerrone remains in New Mexico with Greg Jackson. This fight has the potential to be a stand up war, as each participant is prolific in their striking. The way the fight may play out could be much different. Guillard’s most glaring weakness is his submission defense, an area that Cerrone and Jackson will likely attempt to exploit. Guillard’s training with Jackson may be detrimental to him as far as strategy is concerned. Jackson obviously knows Guillard very well and Jackson is a master at game-planning. The past history between the two may play to Cerrone’s favor but the Blackzilians will undoubtedly have a strategy to counter any preconceived notions the Jackson camp may have regarding Guillard’s abilities. Expect the unexpected in this match.


August 2, 2012

Technique of the Week: Frankie Edgar shows you how to slip a jab

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Here is a very simple drill, as shown by former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, on how to effectively slip a jab. It’s all about the fundamentals when you get to the highest level, and Frankie is arguably one of the best defensive boxers in MMA right now, so give this a try with a partner next time you are in class.

This technique was filmed at the Paradise Warrior Retreat in NYC.

July 19, 2012

Technique of the Week: Sprawl to back control with Frankie Edgar

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Here is another technique we filmed at the 2012 NYC Paradise Warrior Retreat, this time featuring former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

In this video, Frankie shows you how to defend a takedown with a sprawl, and how to follow up with it to gain back control in the most efficient way possible. It’s all about the details with this one, as many people know a similar technique like this, but few execute the way Frankie does. Try it out next time you get shot on!

Don’t forget to enter our contest to win a copy of Randy Couture’s new movie, “Hijacked”!

March 9, 2012

Frankie Edgar Drop To 145 Goes From “No” to “Eventually”

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Last night in an interview with Spike TV sports show MMA Uncensored Live, former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar went from categorically denying any chance of him dropping to featherweight to acknowledging the cut as something that will happen on his own terms. After a close decision loss of his title to Benson Henderson, Edgar, being one of the smaller fighters at lightweight, was publicly nudged by several members of the MMA community, including UFC president Dana White, to drop down to featherweight. Through it all, Edgar met the suggestion with vitriolic riposte as he campaigned for a rematch against Henderson. Now that the Edgar versus Henderson 2 has been confirmed, Edgar softened greatly to the idea.

“I’ve got nothing against 145,” Edgar told MMA Uncensored Live.  “Will I make it there one day? Probably…. You know? That’s the truth. But, I just don’t want to go out on these terms. I felt like the fight was too close for me to just be like, ‘Alright, I’m going down to 45,’ you know?”

For the majority of his career with the UFC, Edgar’s ‘no weight cutting’ approach to the lightweight division has been a signature part of his style. Edgar has compensated for reach and size disadvantage by darting in and out of the pocket at a pace that few athletes coming out of a big weight cut could keep up with. While a drop from a 157 pound walk-around weight to a 145 pound weigh-in is still considered a walk in the park by UFC weight cut standards and nothing Edgar didn’t manage during his wrestling career, the fact remains that there is some curiosity floating around MMA as to whether Edgar will be the same fighter if he has to sweat out a few pounds.

For the time being, Edgar is still competing for the lightweight title against an opponent who he very recently made sing for his supper. The cut to featherweight will likely not be a concern for the near future.

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