“How to Kill Zombies with Daron Cruickshank” – Sneak peek of exclusive web series

In past conversations I’ve had with UFC fighter and TUF: Live participant, Daron Cruickshank, the subject of zombies inadvertently became the primary topic more than once. We had even joked about making our own zombie movie. During an event promoted by TXC at the famed Pontiac Silverdome (site of Wrestlemania 3, with over 93,000 in attendance), Daron was a referee and I was judging. Between bouts we joked about our outrageous idea. While filming a zombie movie may have seemed out of reach at that time, Daron and I enjoyed discussing the concept.

As long as I have known Daron, he has always been funny and entertaining. During his appearance on TUF: Live, the audience didn’t get the chance to see Daron at his best, inside or outside the cage. I felt the need to help the world see Daron as those involved with Michigan MMA know him; A butt-kicking, flashy fighter with the personality and charisma usually only found in Hollywood. When Daron arrived home I contacted him after he had time to settle in. I pitched him the idea of a web series based on the zombie concept, Daron was on board without hesitation.

The result thus far is different than what was initially planned but great things must adapt. We do not know how many episodes we will make but we have several ideas in mind. Daron is currently training for his next UFC fight on September 1st yet we have found the time to bring you a bit of what we have in store…

3 Comments on “How to Kill Zombies with Daron Cruickshank” – Sneak peek of exclusive web series

  1. steve sanders // August 27, 2012 at 4:30 PM //

    That was absolutely retarded! Stick to fighting cruickshank, that’s where your talent is. You’re humor is not as funny as you seem to think it is. Don’t get me wrong. I think you might have a shot with this UFC gig, so I hope you focus on that instead of the “comedy” thing. Good luck man- Steve

  2. Fucking dumb, period.

  3. Wow, first two commenters are baby biotches.

    I’m looking forward to more zombie videos, ha ha.

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