Shane Del Rosario updates us on his injury and recovery & Supremacy MMA video game

Strikeforce veteran Shane Del Rosario speaks with The Fight Nerd about his health and recovery after his terrible accident not too long ago. A drunk driver crashed into him, speculating many to think that this was the end of Shane’s MMA career, but thankfully it isn’t so. We ask Shane about his recovery, both mentally and physically, and get info on the legal side of this accident. Del Rosario also discusses insurance with MMA fighters, and if a fighter’s union would have been helpful in a situation like this.

We also discussed Shane’s appearance at a Gamestop in California last Friday, where he along with Jens Pulver, Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez were on hand to play a demo of “Supremacy MMA”, but problems with my internet kept me from being able to upload this until today. Either way, we nerd it up a bit in the beginning so bare with us!

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  1. Rocco Sykes says:

    Shane was scheduled for tonight’s Strikeforce card. Was it his injury, or something else, that forced him off the card?

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