Rogan changes his mind on winner of Diaz vs Condit

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan had a change of heart on who he feels walked away with a win at UFC 143. During his latest video broadcast Rogan admitted that when he watched the fight at home, he scored round 1,2, and 5 in favor of the former Strikeforce welterweight Champion Nick Diaz. The video is in stark contrast to his commentating on fight night, which he clearly voiced to former WEC welterweight Champion Carlos Condit’s dominance. Rogan also goes into some details of his opinion of Roy Nelson in the entertaining clip.

Sources close to Nick Diaz’s camp have expressed an interest in an immediate rematch, while Condit’s camp seemed content to wait for a bout with Welterweight Champion, George Saint Pierre until today. Rumors are now spreading that Condit has agreed to a rematch on the terms of a similar pay scale to Diaz. UFC President Dana White also expressed his interest in an immediate rematch due to GSP’s extended absence, even though he scored the fight in Condit’s favor.

[Via The UG]

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