Remember when Joe Rogan was on the cover of “Black Belt” Magazine?

I know I did (at least vaguely, anyway), and here is the proof that this happened!

This is not a photoshop, this was the actual cover of “Black Belt” magazine from December, 2002. Rogan was interviewed by Ryan Schneider, mainly to promote Rogan’s then-new reality show, “Fear Factor.” Much of the article focuses on how martial arts helped to shape Rogan’s life and work-ethic, and also to discuss this budding sport called “mixed martial arts.”

There is not much about MMA in the article, although it does mention that at the time he owned hundreds of tapes and DVDs of fights from around the world, and had this to say about his job as color commentator with the UFC: “I’m very thankful there’s something around like the UFC that gives a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t work in martial arts. I think what things like the UFC and Pride have done is allow us to actually evolve martial arts for the first time in hundreds of years.” The rest of the piece details Rogan’s experiences with Tae Kwon Do, how it helped him to get into comedy, his personal philosophy on the martial arts, and the origins of Fear Factor.

Hit the jump to see the rest of this six page article on Joe Rogan!

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