Reality Fighting, February 26, 2011 – Photo highlights


Mohegan Sun was the home of Reality Fighting’s first show of the year, which saw seven fights go down, including two for championships. Emil Haddad started the night off with a decisive victory over Johnny “No Joke” Lopez. Emil dominated the first and second round with a great display of boxing, Muay Thai and takedown defense. He opened up Johnny with a short elbow in the second round which lead to the stoppage before the beginning of the 3rd round.

The next fight didn’t make it out of the first round as Jim Collins finished Leroy “LJD” Derricott in the first round by way of rear naked choke. Leroy was the aggressor early on in bout until a left straight from Collins put him on his back. Collins seized the opportunity and took his back quickly to secure the choke and victory. Keeping with the theme of finishing fights fast Eric “Lucky Strikes” Bedard made short work of a very game Brian Kononchik. Bedard charged in and scored a huge judo throw to start the fight. Kononchik would make his way back to his feet only to attempt to pull Bedard until his guard. The failed attempt lead to Bedard taking full mount and finishing the fight at 2:10. Eric Fama and Joe Proctor would be the first fighters to take us out of the first round in the event, displaying excellent grappling skills for most of the fight. After escaping a Peruvian Necktie, Fama got to his feet only to walk into a standing guillotine choke to end the fight nearly midway into the second round.

Alexandre Moreno challenged Jeff “Scary Nickname” Nader for the Middleweight Championship. Alexandre wasted no time scoring a double leg takedown and moving swiftly on the ground to catch Nader in an armbar. Reality Fighting crowned a new champion before hitting the 90 second mark in the opening round. Brett Oteri met Tim Pinney in the co-main event of the evening. This bout was supposed to be Pinney’s Welterweight Championship but since neither fighter was able to make weight it was changed to a non-title bout. This didn’t stop either fighter from giving it there all. Oteri came out fast and set the pace with takedowns throughout all 3 rounds, each takedown or slam bigger then the previous. Pinney attempted a few submissions but it wasn’t enough to get judges approval as Oteri won by a unanimous decision.

The Main Event of the evening was Mike Dexter challenging for Parker “The Beast” Porter for Heavyweight Championship. Parker landed 2 straight that sent Dexter to the mat. After a bit of a scramble, “The Beast” lived up to his nickname and pounced to finish the fight at 1:44 in the first round to maintain his title. Dexter complained of neck pains and was taken out of the arena and right to the hospital. He gave the crowd of 5,000 the thumbs up and reports are that it is just a precautionary mesaure. During the post-fight interview, the new #1 contender was brought to the cage, who happened to be recently cut from the UFC, Gabriel Gonzaga, who will challenge for the belt in September. A great night of fights to say the least, and with the addition of Gabriel Gonzaga I can only expect things to get better from here.

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