Reality Fighting – May 21, 2011 Results and Photo Highlights

Reality Fighting’s second show from The Mohegan Sun Casino Arena had eight action packed fights with big regional talent delivering fierce knock outs, incredible displays of ground work and submission skills and one immensely intense war in the 125-pound female division, earning one fighter a shot at the RF title.

The Main Event featured undefeated Oz Pariser taking on 6-1 Joe Proctor, and did not disappoint. The fight started out with Proctor landing a three punch combo and Oz responding with knees from the clinch. The action stayed steady through all three rounds. Oz seemed to control the action most of the time pressing Proctor against the cage but Proctor seemed to do more work through out the fight. The bigger shots came from Oz Pariser working big knees and kicks also stuffing several take down attempts but over all Proctor pushed the pace. In the third round Joe Proctor continued swinging and pushed forward. I’d say Proctor showed the judges he really wanted this win in the third which earned him the split decision.

The Co-Main Super Fight between Joe McGann and  ATT’s Ryan Quinn which was another action packed bout. Quinn seemed to want to get the fight to the ground early but McGann wasn’t having any of it stuffing take down attempt after take down attempt. Quinn pressured McGann but he seemed to have an answer for everything Quinn tried. There were several good exchanges standing and on the ground. Quinn attempted an arm bar and was hammer fisted for his efforts as the firs round came to a close with McGann in Quinn’s guard. Round two brought several exchanges with Quinn finding a rhythm and opening up on McGann with combos. Going into the third round, the fight was dead even.  The ground work was a stale mate and both fighters went to war banging it out to end the round. Two judge saw the fight exactly opposite and judge Jeff Blatnik saw the fight as a draw leading the largely pro-Quinn crowd to erupt over the draw. I agreed with the Olympic gold medalist Mr. Blatnik. It was a solid fight but neither fighter really ramped it up in the end or put it all on the line to show they wanted it. I look forward to a rematch of this exciting fight.

The Female 125 pound Super Fight was just that, both ladies were in incredible shape and the calm and poise displayed were of two battle tested warriors. Round one began with Kheyfets confidently throwing combos and Medeiros shooting in only to end up in Kheyfets guard with both ladies displaying top level grappling. Kheyfets sunk in several deep triangle attempts and Medeiros defended showing she would not be caught easily as she passes and works some ground and pound. Kheyfets scrambled to standing and delivers a nice high kick and rips Medeiros down to the canvas as the round comes to an end. The action picked right back up in round two with the fight going non stop from standing to ground, submission attempt to submission defense, clinch and cage work and solid stand up. Going into the third, it looked like the fight was going Medeiros way by the slightest of margins as Khayfets opens up with the stand up landing some solid shots, Medeiros shots and Kheyfets sinks in a tight choke Medeiros fights it hard but cant seem to escape this time. Kheyfets squeezes and Medeirosis forced to submit. This was my fight of the night and earned Marianna Kheyfets a shot at the RF Female Title.

There where many highlights on the night. Dwight Grant scored a huge knock out in the first round over crowd favorite Jason Ward for KO of the night. Team Serra’s Ryan Castillo had his hands full with a very aggressive Joe Boxer. Their where some heavy exchanges and Boxer bullied out of tight triangle utilizing a Rampage Jackson style slam. Following a heated exchange to start round two, Boxer scored a huge slam but ended up in a one in guillotine to score the win for Castillo. Domenic Gagliardi scored a rear-naked choke victory over Mark McLaughlin in the 185 pound class and Erik Lee was victorious with a unanimous decision over Kirkor Papasian in an action packed bout in the 145 class.

Overall, this was a great show and when Reality Fighting returns to the Mohegan Sun in October Gabriele Gonzaga will be head lining the event fighting Parker Porter for the Heavyweight Strap. You can check out the full gallery at this link here, and if you would like to buy any shots, please contact Mark Kosman at this link here.

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