Overeem’s T/E Ratio Confirmed at 14:1

April 5, 2012 0

Number one UFC heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test results released yesterday have been the talk of the MMA town. The failure jeopardizes Overeem’s UFC 146 title tilt against Junior Dos Santos that would finally unify the UFC and linear heavyweight championship from all the way back in the days of Pride FC. While Overeem is yet to issue an official response to the Nevada State Athletic Commission that tested him or to the press, Quest Labs, the company that performed the testing, confirmed today that Overeem’s testosterone to epitestosterone ratio was 14:1.

Mike Chiappetta of MMA Fighting broke the confirmed numbers earlier this afternoon.While the initial announcement, yesterday, by NSAC head Keith Kizer was that Overeem’s T/E Ratio was “over 10:1,” the actual number is staggering to the point of little defense. The average male T/E ratio is 1:1, with men some men naturally producing more than others. The NSAC will flag any sample taken from an athlete that exceeds 6:1, where the NFL and the Olympics will require further testing on anything above 4:1 to see if the high ratio is occurring naturally.

The highest T/E ratio ever recorded in a random sampling of people was 5.25:1, whereas the highest ratio ever recorded by an athlete that was overturned was 11:1 by professional cyclist Floyd Landis. In Landis’ case, the false failure was seen to be caused by a natural deficiency of epitestosterone rather than the presence of too much testosterone. Later, Landis revealed that he was actually using a banned substance and that his excuse and T-levels were simply convincing enough to call the sample test to question. If Overeem is innocent of using banned artificial testosterone, then he would be shattering all records for a naturally produced test result.

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