Nick Diaz explains why he no-showed his own press conference

NIck Diaz no-showed his UFC 137 press conference, where Dana White and Georges St. Pierre announced that Diaz would no longer be fighting GSP for the title, and that he may very well have just gotten himself fired from the company before even setting foot in the octagon.

In a video that Diaz uploaded to Youtube entitled, “Looks like someone don’t want me to win ! “, Diaz lamented his case to MMA fans worldwide. “It’s funny, one minute I’m about to come into money, do a little boxing… I’m ready to get paid! So I’m ready to do anything.” He continued by complaining that the UFC will save money and he is locked into a new contract that he is still clueless about, and half-heartedly apologized for not showing up the “beauty pageant”.

“I’ve never not shown up to a fight. I’ve never backed out of a fight in my life, it’s not what I do. What are you gonna’ do? I’m ready to fight.” Unfortunately, no showing a press conference for an event that you are headlining is no-good. Diaz hinted at that he missed his flight to the location of the presser, but again, part of the responsibility of being in the main event includes doing things you might not want to do, such as be at press events that will ultimately make your name more valuable and increase your presence. According to White, Diaz missed his flight, and later asked to be rebooked for a later trip. Diaz then missed two more flights, and stopped returning White’s calls and messages soon after.

Replacing Diaz will be Carlos Condit, who steps into this welterweight title fight with a four-streak win. Was the UFC justified in changing this match or is this Dana White exerting control over Strikeforce fighters?

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  1. 100% Behind you Nick, I think you the best in the world at your weight and I’m gonna stick by it.

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