New pictures of Gina Carano from “Haywire” look bizarre

The Fight Nerd May 6, 2011 2

The tale of Gina Carano’s upcoming film, “Haywire” by Steven Soderbergh, is truly a tale of woe. Between title changes, production problems and keeping Gina from devouring all of craft services, this movie seems cursed. Doomed for failure? Not quite yet, since we still have to see the film to see if truly offends the senses like I suspect it will. In the meantime, we have some new photos from the film and they tell us nothing.

I was unsure which photo to use as the lead-in shot, but I think this one will capture most of my readers long enough to get them to click to see the rest. The above photo appears to be Carano on the bed of a strange man as she puts the aforementioned strange man in a triangle choke. Clearly, she is rusty as the attackers head is already up to defend and the fact that her legs are not locked at all in a position to put him in any danger. More importantly, this just looks like a porn movie gone horribly wrong. So horribly that Gina realized this is a snuff film and she needs to save her life to escape. Hurry Gina, HURRY!

“Haywire” is now scheduled a release this August, which will coincidentally be after Carano’s return to the Strikeforce cage. Two more photos after the jump, with one being nonsense and one continuing my thought that is a porn movie gone horribly wrong! See if you can guess which is which!

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  1. RossenSearchTeam May 9, 2011 at 5:53 PM -

    Look delicious.

    Is it possible to preform a flying put my face in a leg triangle?

    If not I’d like to try inventing it on Gina Carano.

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