New MMA comic “Heart” coming out soon by Image Comics

Finally, MMA fans and comic fans can unite as one, with Image Comics upcoming four-part miniseries, “Heart”!

Written by G4 Network’s Blair Butler, a hardcore fight nerdette, and drawn by Kevin Mellon, this is the first time a major comic company has picked up a series about mixed martial arts. This also marks the writing debut of Butler, who was ecstatic when she made her announcement about the book recently on “Attack of the Show”.

“To be honest, it’s hugely intimidating to be writing my own book. I mean, what if it sucks, right? That’s the thing that keeps me up at night.” Butler told Comics Alliance, “But I’ve been really passionate about this subject matter for a long, long time — and this is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while,” wrote Butler in an e-mail, “I know I’ve made — and will continue to make – some absolute rookie mistakes, but I’ve been undeservedly lucky to collaborate with artist Kevin Mellon, who totally breathed life into this project – and has the patience of a saint. That first page he did gave me little chills.”

No details are known exactly about the story or characters in it just yet, but from the looks of the first few pages that are available for preview, it looks like it might be the perfect kind of MMA story. I will be doing my best to get the scoop on more about this series as it gets closer to coming out, since I am genuinely excited for this! Hit the jump to see larger previews of the cover and the interior pages!

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