Michael Bisping Tosses Heckler to Thunderous Applause from Crowd

During yesterday’s open workout for UFC 152 in Toronto, Canada, main card middleweight Michael Bisping threw a heckler out of the gym. The above video uploaded by a fan in the crowd depicts the whole event.

Bisping later claimed in an interview on Fuel TV that he had tossed the heckler because his boxing coach and pad holder was angered by the intrusion. The video of the incident seems to back up Bisping’s assertion, as the coach is the first one to be distracted by the commentary from the crowd.

The Count has earned a reputation for being a spikey figure in the UFC. However, the crowd reaction when Bisping demanded the heckler leave was one of thunderous applause.

Bisping will face Brian Stann this Saturday on the main card of UFC 152. The event will be headlined by a light heavyweight title tilt between champion Jon Jones and unlikely challenger Vitor Belfort.

2 Comments on Michael Bisping Tosses Heckler to Thunderous Applause from Crowd

  1. trazmania01 // January 18, 2013 at 1:18 PM //

    Bisping your a legend in your own mind,u could ;nt tie my shoes a hole

  2. trazmania01 // January 18, 2013 at 1:33 PM //

    I’m the guy who had words with you at extreme couture, just 4 the record all these retards out there that have no clue about me or what was really said at the gym, let me give you the real goods from the horses mouth. I workout at that gym great friends with the owner and outta respect 4 my friend thats why i left or normally , bispussy woulda had his fukin head stomped on , ya c i am an ex boxing champ who happened 2 spend over 20 years in a max sec pen so theres no referee or rules where i come from,bisping almost bit off more than his big mouth can chew,he shot his big gate off and i said 2 him take the gloves off less get it on then he said somethin stupid as usual,so u if u listen in the vid i said I ll change your gender , that when he cried 2 security, outside the ring this english little girl would’nt last 30 sec with me I’de have him in a pool of his own blood and thats a challenge 2 anyone who wants 2 b a big bisping fan, go blow the guy while ur at it. he couldn’t tie my fukin shoes

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