Michael Bisping talks Chael Sonnen match, trash-talk, and more

The Fight Nerd January 26, 2012 1

“The key to this fight is me fighting my fight. That’s what I’m focusing on. I’m not focusing on what he can do, but focusing on what I can do. That’s a mistake I started making a little while ago in my UFC career, I started worrying too much about what my opponent was gonna’ do. Now I’m going to focus on what I can do.” – Michael Bisping

Fight Nerd reporter Hiroko Yamamura spoke with Michael Bisping at the UFC on Fox 2 press workouts yesterday to get some info on his bout with Chael Sonnen and more. Bisping spoke about the differences in fighting Sonnen over his original opponent, Demian Maia, and why changing the opponent is not as drastic as some people thought. He also touched on his submission and boxing skills, his response to Chael’s trash-talk and the reaction of his fans and haters, and if he had his chance to get his chicago hot dog and deep dish pizza, among a ton of other topics in this roundtable interview!

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