Mark Coleman selling his Pride Grand Prix 2000 gloves

Many hardcore MMA fans eventually become collectors of memorabilia from the sport, be it shirts, press credentials, action figures, trading cards, whatever. There are many options to go when making an investment in the sport, and one of the top gems in MMA collecting is fight-worn gear. Not just an glove you bought at a store to get autographed, but the actual clothing a fighter wore in one of their bouts. For the very serious collector, you can now own a piece of MMA history, if you don’t mind having to mortgage your house to get them.

Over on MMACollector.com, the operators of the site are offering Mark Coleman’s blue Pride gloves from the Pride Grand Prix 2000 event. This historic series of events, which was also documented in “The Smashing Machine” documentary, saw Mark Coleman revive his dimming MMA career by winning the 16-man single-elimination tournament despite being one of the biggest underdogs in the show. Coleman defeated Ricardo Morais to qualify in the Opening Rounds, then moved on to the one-night 8-man tournament where he grinded out a decision to Akira Shoji, defeated Kazuyuki Fujita after he threw in the towel, and clobbered Igor Vovchanchyn with devastating knees on the ground to claim the greatest victory of his life.

Now you can own the two pairs of gloves he wore during this entire event for the astounding price of $40,000! Yeah, you read that right. An average pair of Pride FC gloves will go for $400-700, but this set is practically the cost of a new car. The gloves are being sold through consignment, so buyers should contact the operators of the site before purchasing to iron out details. If any of you readers end up buying this, let me know (more so how many banks you robbed to get that kind of dough to spend on gloves).

If 40K is too rich for your blood, you can always buy a UFC 5 poster for $650, or Clay Guida’s walkout shirt from UFC 64 for $429. Not going to lie though, if Coleman ever sold his Pride GP 2000 championship belt, I would sell everything I own to buy that piece of gold!

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  1. JZ says:

    I would be interested in buying joe son’s cup from UFC4

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