Lyman Good VS Dan Hornbuckle set for Bellator 44

Another match has been booked for Bellator’s first trip to New Jersey, and we have the scoop on it! According to Dave Herbert of Buddha Sport, the two fighters were speaking to each other about training with each other

Later the same night, I get a call from Hornbuckle, telling me how he really likes Lyman and hopes that one day they will also get to fight each other. First thing he said was, “I think there should be a superfight for the guys that got screwed. Lyman and I got to talking about how we were both complacent with just winning and fighting safe”, Dan spoke of his conversation with Lyman. “I told him how I was going back to the old Handler ways; no regard, reckless abandon, just knocking guys out like I was when I fought Gono. My career needs it. He [Lyman] agreed and vowed that he too was going back to his Berserker ways, with his only intent to destroy his opponent. I can only hope that we will get to meet in the cage some day and put on a good show.”

Little did they know they know, they would be fighting each other in just a few weeks. Within minutes of returning a text to Hornbuckle about working together, Good received a text from his coach that simply said “Hornbuckle, May 14 Atlantic City. What do you think?”

Good and Hornbuckle thought it was a great idea and have signed the contract and agreed to make it official. Furthermore, this welterweight clash will be a tournament qualifier for Bellator’s 5th season tournament. In season three, Hornbuckle was a top contender for Good’s welterweight title, but he never made it all the way and Ben Askren would dethrone Good in Philadelphia. Good VS Hornbuckle joins Hector Lombard VS Falaniko Vitale for the Bellator middleweight title.

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