Kurt Angle on Olympic Trials, TNA, WWE, Brock Lesnar & his UFC Contract

“[Dana] wanted me ready in five weeks, and I said I need at least three months to get ready… I wanted to be at my best and I didn’t think five weeks was long enough… He wanted me to be on TUF with Kimbo and he though it would be a good program. He doesn’t pay the fighters to be on that show, they have to earn a contract… but he was going to pay me an incredible amount of money to be on that show.” – Kurt Angle

Olympic gold medalist and multiple-time WWE and TNA heavyweight champion, Kurt Angle talks to The Fight Nerd about the athletic side of his life. Picking up where we left off in the first part of our interview, Kurt gives his thoughts on the current state of TNA, the new gimmick of “Joker Sting”, and his opinion on the new direction in WWE with CM Punk literally taking the ball and running with it. Kurt also tells us what he thinks will happen to Brock Lesnar’s career and if the rumors of him returning to WWE are a good idea or not, and finally divulges details on his MMA career and what happened when he negotiated with Dana White to get into the UFC. The answer to that question might surprise you!

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