Krzystof Soszynski quietly retires from MMA

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is traditionally a quiet one for news all across the board. However, one story went under the radar, that of Krzystof Soszynski hanging up his gloves from active competition.

In Day 1 of Dana White’s UFC 141 Vlog, DFW gives us a glimpse at some behind-the-scenes footage from the last event. Igor Pokrajac knocked out Soszynski in 35 seconds at the event, and if you skip to 3:15, you will see Soszynski backstage exclaiming, “This is my last MMA fight. I’m done,” he tells the camera man, “It’s a shitty way to go out, though.”

In spite of his rattled brain, K-Sos still had his sense of humor intact, asking Igor jokingly if he would split his “Knockout of the Night” award with him before the pair smiled and embraced. Is Soszynski really done or will he get bit by the MMA bug again? Time will tell, but for now, we wish Krzystof the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Via Cage Potato

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