Josh Barnett Feels TRT Exemptions Don’t Make Sense


Heavyweight MMA legend Josh Barnett went on the record this weekend saying that he felt legal Testosterone Replacement Therapy for MMA fighters doesn’t make sense and is a form of favoritism to some fighters. In the above interview with MMA Interviews.TV, Barnett was asked what he thought of the issue of TRT.

“I think it’s an all or none sort of thing,” Barnett responded. “I don’t know what somebody’s testosterone when they were 21 versus now that they’re 41. So, maybe when they were 21 it wasn’t even as high as it is on TRT at 41. I’m not against making a better human being. Living longer and being healthier and so on and so forth. I just think it should be nobody, or everybody.”

Barnett elaborated that he was sure everyone in sports would love to have access to extra artificial testosterone regardless of what medical conditions they may have.

The conversation on TRT is coming off the heels of Barnett’s very recently reinstated license in the state of California. The Baby Faced Assassin’s reputation took a major hit when his license was first suspended for testing positive for a banned substance, which was a form of artificial testosterone. Given the heat that Barnett has been forced to take, his point that other fighters’ sudden ability to take a similar substance is a form of favoritism is kind of hard to argue.

With little in the way of standards for a medical exemption to use TRT, the argument is hot as to whether or not the therapy is becoming institutionalized cheating. For Barnett’s part, the increased use of TRT by fighters who have been in the game for a similar amount of time serves as a vindication from his previous PR woes.

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  1. dbiz says:

    Vindicates him? It makes him look like a whiny bitch. Shut the fuck up, Flabby-Gut Assassin.

  2. Timbo says:

    Sounds a little sour grapes-ish to me… I get the logic of TRT exceptions… If done legit and justifiably, a fighter should never piss hot from them. Even so, they have an exception for a medical reason, and went through the proper channels for this.

    Barnett here just seems like he’s whining because he got pinched for juicing. There is a difference here. In the case of a guy like Hendo, he has presented a medically sound reason, and I don’t believe even with TRT he has ever tested above accepted limits. Barnett, on the other hand, did not present a medically sound reason, and did in fact test hot. So, um, yeah… Barnett’s opinion on the matter doesn’t really hold up. And personally, I don’t he’s gonna hold up against Cormier. Just sayin’.

  3. VasyaDC says:

    Any time any organization allows exemptions it allows for a gaming of the system. In MMA, anyone who is non-retarded (pretty much everyone but the Diaz brothers, in other words) can now get the “legitimate medical need” designation to allow them to have TRT. It’s a blatant gaming of the system and should be outlawed, pronto.

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