Jose Canseco pulls off switcheroo with his brother in boxing match

That headline is something you would expect to read on a kayfabe pro wrestling site, but it really happened.

Former one-time Dream alumni and baseball star with the Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox, Jose Canseco, was set to fight this weekend in Miami at the Seminole Hard Rock in a “Celebrity Boxing” event to fight Billy Padden. Instead of getting Jose, the event received Ozzie Canseco, his twin brother. They would have gotten away with it, if not for the skills of Encyclopedia Brown… or rather a very observant staffer.

A representative from the promotion spoke with a reporter from The Miami Herald, who revealed how they unraveled the case of two Canseco’s, “We discovered the Canseco who showed up was Ozzie when he took off his shirt and didn’t have José’s tattoos on the biceps that appear in our advertising.” Canseco, who in his only MMA fight fell victim to the powers of Hong Man Choi, responded on Twitter on Saturday night that Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman didn’t fulfill his end of the bargain, contrary to the source that The Miami Herald spoke with that said that Jose Canseco was paid his agreed-upon $10,000 fee in two separate installments.)

Unlike Ray Mercer, Canseco does not run away and hide from his problems. No, he just sends in his brother to pretend he is him and do his dirty work for him. Imagine if other athletes tried this insanity. Hopefully Jose has learned from his mistake, and forces his brother to get a matching tattoo to solve this problem for when he tries it again.

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