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Brett Siciliano had a strange dream; make an MMA board game. An idea that no one had yet, and if they had they certainly did not have the drive to go through the process to make their concept into reality. I had a chance to talk one on one with Brett to talk about how he became a fan of MMA and what it was like to create this unique piece of MMA merchandise.

You guys have been getting around lately, Where has the game been featured?

We have been in differntnt magazines. It seems that the MMA magazines are always interested in different MMA Products. We always make sure to be at all the MMA expos that we can go to. This is the best way to meet new people, meet different fighters and get all the feedback and recognition as possible. We have been in MMA Authority three times, Tapout magazine and MMA Worldwide, Real Fighter Magazine, Ufc fan expo All the OTM’s stores and Grand openings, Caged ink, Respect in the cage, Fight expo , grapplers quest events, grappling x events, TapouT radio etc…

How long have you been a fan of MMA and what got you into it?

It actually begins when I met Kimo Leopoldo. Kimo and I met at Orange coast collage back in 1992. I saw this hot blond chick with two big Rottweiler dogs standing near the football field. I walked up to her with my cool Mullet and my styling parachute pants listen to Def Leopard on my Sony Walkman cassette player, and rolled up and said, “your kind-of hot, do you have a boyfriend. She looked at me up and down and laughed and said, Yes I do have a boyfriend and pointed to the football huddle on the field and said he is number 47. I looked at number 47 and the there was this huge guy staring at me with the name KIMO on his Jersey. I was so scared… That’s how I met KIMO… true story and we have been great friends ever since…. MMA was such a cool sport when Kimo and I first watched it in 1993? That we all decided to fill out an application and see if Kimo could get accepted to fight in the UFC. As you know Kimo got to fight Royce Gracie and after that I was hooked. When Kimo got back, I took him into my psychology class at CSULB and did a paper and video on aggression and brought Kimo in class as my project. I got an A. I love that story; anyway that is what got me interested in MMA.

What made you decide to make a MMA board game?
On day I was playing with some round 5 MMA dolls and thought, “There is no where to play with these things,” so I built a scaled down octagon and started to play with my MMA dolls. Anyway, I thought, “I should make a board game” and then it was born!!!!!! Thanks God for the Idea…

What was the process in creating the game?
I felt that I needed a stand up section and a ground section so it was like a real fight. Then I needed some dice. I went to the game store on a Friday night with the rest of the nerds and found a D and D game with a thirty sided dice. I thought I could put words on it instead of numbers, Like GROUND, STAND, K.O. and SUBMIT. Then I thought I needs fight cards to keep score, Then I thought, I needed fake sponsors around the game board. Then I thought, why not use real sponsors like real events and see if I could get money to put them on my board game to off set the price of the manufacturing, and as I started to call sponsors. They loved the idea and started to send me money to be on my game board. Shall I continue, anyway I thought that if I use an Octagon game board that Mr. Dana White might send me one of those fancy legal letters on rice paper so I decided to make the game board a Decagon. Which I realize you can’t really tell the difference and I get to sell two more sponsor spots…! So once that was done I thought, I need to use fictional fighters so they are always champions and they will never sue me. I also wanted to be as political correct as possible so I created four different fighters in the game; A White guy, a Brazilian guy, an Asian Guy and A Girl fighter. OK, I will make a Latino in the next game. After all that was done I played it over a thousand times to make sure it was fun and the game worked good. After adding a “Cheap Shot” and a “Point Deduction” spot on the board, I decided then to Patent, trademark and copywrite the game. After that I need to find a great illustrator and artist. So with out further a due, I would like to thank Matthew Kaplowitz for putting up with all my shit and having the patience to help me create some of the best looking graphics and illustrations you see in and on my game!!

 What was the hardest part of creating the game?
Making sure that all the moves on the game board were spaces out right and that you didn’t get KO or Submitted real fast in the game. I had to take out some  stuff so the game had the same chance to maybe go the distance and win by decision or maybe you could get knocked out or submitted only some of the time. Remember only being a board game took a lot of different design to make it play like a real fight

In a Nutshell, How do you play the game?
OBJECT OF THE GAME: To defeat your opponent by performing different moves that will result in a Knock Out, Submission, or accumulate enough winning rounds on your Fight Card to win by decision.


What was the feed back you have had from Fans and Businesses?

Everyone that sees and plays the game has had nothing but excellent things to say. When TapouT said that they wanted to be on the game that was real honorable day for me. Not that I don’t love all my sponsors but TapouT was involved in MMA from the beginning, and getting their seal of approval on our next batch of games was a day that I wont forget. Thanks “Punk Ass”, “Scrape”, Marc Kreiner, TapouT President, Frank Capwell TapouT’s Attorney and especially, Charles “MASK” Lewis!!!!

Is this game made for kids or adults?

This game is made for everyone. We had a kid that was four playing at the UFC fan expo playing and won his dad. My grandmother also played me, who is 94 years young and knocked my ass out with the fight dice in the second round!!!!! I think she cheated??? Kidding Grandma… xoxox

Do you think there is a biog market for board games?

I think everyone will always love and play board games until the end of time. And it’s about time that the best selling game of all time, Monopoly, gets their ass kick after 76 years by the World’s First Extreme MMA Board Game!!!!


Why should someone buy this game?

This game is fast paced and fun to play. It feels and plays like a real fight. I made sure to play attention to every small detail, (I’m sure you can back that up, Right Matt)? Also I made sure it was of the highest quality and priced right so everyone can afford to buy this game in these tough economic times. You will have hours of fun with you friends and family playing this game on fight night or at parties… That’s my guarantee…

What is next for Extreme Fight Games as a company?

We want to continue making fight games. We are currently working on three other fight games that will be out following the success of this MMA board game…

Who do you want to thank?

I want to thank GOD for inspiring me with the wisdom to create this game. With GOD anything is possible!!

The Extreme Fight Game is available at OTM Fight Shops and LA Boxing Gyms across the country. You can also pick them up on OTM’s website or extremefightgames.com. Brett is working on getting the games in Spencer’s, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble, so keep looking out for this board game.

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  1. Brett says:

    This game is sick!!!!!!!!!!
    I have played it and I love it!!!!!
    Every MMA Fan should get one..

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