Holiday Shopping Guide for MMA Fans

With Thanksgiving officially over and Black Friday devouring the souls of millions of hungry shoppers digging for bargains, it’s up to The Fight Nerd to set you straight with some of the best items you can get this holiday season for your MMA fans!

We review many products on this site, from gear and apparel, books and DVD’s, even toys, video games, and food. It is our job to make sure that you know how to spend your money wisely by creating the most thorough and informative reviews on the web. So, here are the best things we have reviewed this year that we recommend you check out and purchase for yourself or the other MMA fans in your life.

This list will be constantly updated through the holiday season as we add more product reviews onto the site, so bookmark this page and check back often!

The “UFC Ultimate Fight Collection: 2011 Edition” 20-disc DVD set was one of the pricier items we reviewed this year, but well worth it, featuring every UFC event from July 2010 through July 2011. One word – massive. If you are not looking to spend the price on this, I also highly recommend the “Ultimate Matt Hughes” DVD (another favorite of mine), and “UFC: Bad Blood — Liddell VS Ortiz” which surprised me on how well the set was done.

“Warrior” was easily the best MMA movie made to date, and one of the best movies of the year that seemed to fly under the radar despite positive reviews from critics and audiences. Now you can own “Warrior” on DVD, and it is totally worth it for all of the behind-the-scenes footage that it has.

Thomas Gerbasi’s UFC Encyclopedia got an overall good review from us, and I think one of the best gifts that you can give a new fan of the UFC.

Jim Genia’s book, “Raw Combat: The Underground world of Mixed Martial Arts,” was a hard-hitting expose on the underground scene of MMA in New York, while also simultaneously growing side-by-side with legalized MMA around the US. A very interesting book and a must-read for MMA fans. Big John McCarthy’s autobiography, “Let’s Get It On!”, was another great book this year, telling the tale of the most famous referee in MMA and the behind-the-scenes info on practically every major MMA event ever.

One of the best training items we looked at this year is, without a doubt, the Elevation Training Mask. This thing will kick your butt and take exercise to a whole new level.

Fuel Fight Gear released their X2 Sparring Gloves this year, and I called them the most comfortable gloves I ever wore. They also came with Lace-Guards to keep the laces from flying around when you practice. Knockout Athletics “Evo Sparring Gloves” had some of the best padding and most protection overall from the many other gloves we reviewed.

Anderson Silva’s MMA Instruction Manual was jammed pack with information, as was his DVD on the muay thai clinch.

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We reviewed plenty of cookbooks this year, most of which were for the Paleo Diet. Even if you are not on that diet, you can definitely appreciate the health-conscious recipes from these books which all received great reviews – “Make it Paleo” by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley, “Paleo Comfort Foods” by Julie and Charles Mayfield, and Sarah Fragoso’s “Everyday Paleo”. If you are unfamiliar with the diet, the best book to get you up to speed and educated is Robb Wolf’s “Paleo Solution.”

If you want to try some healthy treats, check out these tasty snacks from “Paleo Treats, ” the chocolatey Brownie Bomb & Mac Attack Cookies. Healthy, sweet, and no giant sugar rush, meaning your body processes these delicious things like normal food and not like a candy bar.

I also really enjoyed Timothy Ferriss’ “4-Hour Body,” which you should just read the review of because this book is beyond extensive when it comes to what it discusses, from working out, eating right, and even how to please a lady in bed in the easiest way possible! For you fitness fanatics, check out Jeff Martone’s “Kettlebell RX” which is the most comprehensive book I have seen on using kettlebells for exercise, functional fitness, and competitive lifting.

Want to improve your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Then check out Marcelo Garcia’s new book, “Advanded BJJ Techniques,” which I called one of the best BJJ books of the year!

Looking for something for your friends or family who are not fans of MMA? How about the Retron 3 – a clone video game system that plays NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games all in one system, which I called one of my best “nerd buys” of 2011. These reviews come from sister website, Nerdvolution.

Protect yourself with the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup and Power Gel Ultra Mouthguard, thank us later. Another good training tool to help you after your practice was Namman Muay Thai Liniment, which eases your aches and pains and gets you back into the ring faster.

Need some stocking stuffers? Try the “UFC Finest” Trading Cards from Topps, their newest line with more special cards than ever, although I much preferred the value and design of their “UFC Title Shot” trading card series. Another good DVD you can grab at a decent price is also “UFC: Ultimate Heavyweights,” which features 30 full-length fights throughout the history of the company.

Ring to Cage’s Safety Sparring Gloves were good for MMA training, as well as Roman Fight Gear’s Battling MMA gloves.

Jakks Pacific made some good UFC figures this year, including Frankie Edgar with his lightweight title and a Pride FC version of Wanderlei Silva with his middleweight grand prix title.

John C. Zielinski’s photo book, “Paying Your Dues,” tells the story of a small MMA company on the rise through high-quality photos.

Don’t forget to check out the many fine products from our sponsors, Ranger Up, Orcbite, Ring to Cage, Yoked Up Apparel, and Kerberus NYC, as well as MMA HQ’s daily deals!

You can check out many more product reviews at this link here, with every product we have reviewed since the site first began – and not all of those reviews are as good as these products above!

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