Gary Shaw calls new ProElite “a joke” & discusses Kimbo Slice’s boxing debut

“I think it’s laughable. People who are running it are jokes. It’s not real and the only game in town is the UFC.” – Gary Shaw

Fight Nerd correspondents Syl Peterkin and Elizabeth Amadeo caught up with Gary Shaw at the NYC press conference for an upcoming boxing pay-per-view entitled “Believe It or Not: Hopkins vs. Dawson”. Shaw, one of the key people behind the original ProElite and EliteXC, discussed his thoughts on the light-heavyweight world championship match between Bernard Hopkins and “Bad” Chad Dawson, and gave us his opinion on the new version of ProElite which he does not look at fondly. We also ask if he was asked to be involved with the new company and if he thinks anyone can ever overcome the UFC. Lastly, we ask Shaw’s thoughts on Kimbo Slice’s boxing debut and if he still has what it takes to be a star in combat sports.

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