Friday Link Party – November 3, 2011

Bleacher Report has The Top 100 moments in UFC history: At this point, it’s safe to say the UFC’s popularity is snowballing. Even that may be a mild analogy. With the UFC and its fighters finding newer and wider avenues into the mainstream seemingly every day, MMA’s premier promotion is more like a magnet in a river of paper clips, or a molten ball of caramel careening down a mountain of chopped walnuts. You get the idea. These are heady times for the UFC.

Dan Severn tells Cage Potato that he Still Wants Coleman and Shamrock, Will Likely Retire Next Year – “I want specific fights right now. I’ve had some verbal offers but haven’t had the opportunity to bring some of these matches to life. Two particular matches I’m still interested are ones with Mark Coleman and Ken Shamrock. Realistically, I think that 2012 will be my final year as an MMA competitor. So whatever gets done gets done; whatever doesn’t, I’ll have to learn to live with I guess.”

Zuffa Maintains “BB” Credit Rating, “Stable” is Key according to MMA Payout – “UFC’s seven year TV deal with Fox Sports Media Group, replacing Zuffa’s current deals with Spike TV and Versus, offers more stable and favorable economics over the term of the TV deal in hope of potentially reducing Zuffa’s dependency on the more-volatile event based revenue… Nearly 75% of Zuffa’s total revenue is event based. The majority is composed of PPV buys and ticket sales. Remaining 25% revenue is composed of live and taped television broadcasts, sponsorship, merchandising, licensing, and content distribution deals.”

Joe Rogan says “If NASCAR’s Not a Monopoly, UFC Isn’t Either (And They Should Buy K-1)” on Fight Opinion – “The people who own K-1, they owe a lot of money, man. They want to start fights but they want to not have to pay all the fighters that they owe money to and they owe just fucking untold millions of dollars to fighters that they haven’t paid. So, they’re in a bad financial situation but it’s because they didn’t promote it correctly. If someone like the UFC came along, if Zuffa came along and picked up K-1 – they’re not interested in it, I’ve talked to them about it – but if someone like that did, if Mark Cuban did or someone with balls and a lot of money who loves the sport, God damn that’s a gold mine. It’s a God damn gold mine. Mark Cuban, go do it! You already got Michael Schiavello working for you.”

Lowkick has an exclusive photo gallery of many fighters from UFC 137 playing the new UFC Undisputed 3 video game, check them out for some great shots!

Alistair Overeem explains why he left Golden Glory in this new ‘The Reem’ episode – watch it on Middle Easy

Motocross Combined With MMA: This Isn’t Insanity, This Is Montana! from Middle Easy

Thiago Alves plans to make a statement against Papy Abedi at UFC 138 on Five Ounces of Pain

Brian Foster talks with Fight Line about signing with Bellator FC

The Cut List: Who Badly Needs a Win at UFC 138? on MMA Fighting

Yoshihiro Akiyama cuts down to 170-pounds – see the pic that will make your abs feel even more pathetic than they are on MMA Mania

The 5th Round has the event poster for UFC 139: Shogun VS Hendo

MMA Convert reports that M-1 Global ‘Fedor vs. Monson’ Will Cost You $30 and a Good Night’s Sleep

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