Friday Link Party- May 25, 2012

MMA Mania has an exclusive with Bellator’s Brent Weedman.

If you had to pigeonhole me, my “thing” as a fighter is I like to make people make bad choices. I’ve got a variety of ways to do that. There’s different ways to make that happen. I like to give people bad choices and force them into bad decisions.

Obviously something like that gets a lot harder against someone who’s competed at the Olympic level and also the other thing people aren’t talking about is he’s in his mid 30’s. He’s more seasoned as an athlete. It’s not gonna be as easy to do that as against the 20 year old hothead who’s all hyped up on adrenaline. Those guys are easier to manipulate mentally but Rick is definitely not gonna be easy to manipulate like that. I’m very curious. I’ve got my gameplan and I’m interested in seeing how he’s gonna respond to it.

Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion turns his ire towards TRT.

Read the breakdown of Stipe Miocic versus Shane Del Rosario on Bleacher Report.

Miss the Bellator 70 weigh-ins? Fightline has you covered.

Stefan Struve unimpressed by Lavar Johnson. MMA Convert reports.

Lowkick brings you Roy Nelson’s opinion on MMA fighters in pro wrestling.

Cain Velasquez didn’t expect to go undefeated. Read more on Five Ounces of Pain.

See more on the unconstitutional Oklahoma PPV tax on MMA Payout.

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