Friday Link Party- March 16, 2012


MMA Mania features an exclusive interview with Bellator’s Jeremiah Riggs.

Jeremiah Riggs: The big thing with me was really just from all the previous fights I had. I hate to say I regret taking the fight I took, but a lot of my ring time experience was a lot of my learning experience. I guess sometimes, it’s not if you’re gonna lose, but when. I don’t believe anybody’s gonna stay undefeated for a very, very long time. The game is too evolved and the players are too good. With me, what really turned it around was really just evaluating what I was lacking. What am I doing wrong campwise? Do I need to change my meal plan?

I never felt like in any fight I was outclassed or outperformed technically. Losing sucks, but it is a part of it. My biggest thing was I was hardheaded and stubborn. I never did a lot of jiu-jitsu. I started out training with Frank Shamrock, the first UFC middleweight champion of the world. I started out with the best of the best and I stuck with the best of the best. With my strength and athletic ability, I tried to turn it around and pay fighters back for taking me down and make them hurt a bit instead of playing my own game.

Rashad Evans is confident he can handle former teammate Jon Jones, Bleacher Report has the details.

5 Ounces of Pain reports that the TUF 15 debut fell short of Dana White’s expectations.

Missed the Bellator 61 weigh-ins? Lowkick has you covered.

The UFC can go after the viewers of illegal streams. MMA Payout reports.

Bellator 61 main event sidelined, read about it on Fightline.

Fight Opinion details how the UFC can play the testosterone card against Rampage

Cage Potato continues its healthy outlook towards women with a gallery of returning cage girl Natasha Wicks.

Go to MiddleEasy to see Brendan Schaub hunting ghosts.

Look to MMA Convert for the footage AMA released of Jim Miller’s fight camp.

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