Friday Link Party — February 10, 2012

UFC President Dana White calls for officiating reform, as MMA Convert reports.

I’ve said it many times. In the evolution of this sport right now, one of the big problems we’re having right now is judging and reffing. It’s one of the things that drives me crazy and attention needs to be paid to scoring and reffing. First of all, it affects guys careers as far as legacies go. Jon Jones? Jon Jones should be undefeated right now but he’s not, he’s got a loss on his record and there’s tons of guys in the UFC that have those. There’s guys who’ve absolutely, clearly won fights and lost on the judges’ scorecards. Nobody’s perfect. There’s always gonna be problems. But the judging and the reffing is so bad in mixed martial arts, it drives me crazy. The fans hate it too and it hurts the sport. These athletic commissions really need to tighten up and start working on educating their refs and judges.

Cage Potato is keeping it zany this week with the MMA video roundup.

The MMA Hour goes into OT at MMA Fighting as they discuss Nick Diaz’s positive drug test.

On Diaz, Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion challenges his readers to argue against suspension for marijuana use.

MMA Mania further explores the recent splits between top fighters and their management.

Bleacher Report lists its top underrated fights in the UFC.

Want the breakdown of the latest upcoming One FC event, MiddleEasy has you covered.

Is the Sonnen versus Silva rematch a bad move? Lowkick has its opinions.

MMA Payout breaks down the buy rates of UFC 143.

Cung Li is making the trip back to MMA and Fight Line reports.

Five ounces of Pain breaks down Bellator 64

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