Friday Link Club – November 18, 2011 Edition

Lowkick has this exclusive interview with Fedor: “I really hope my fight would have a positive effect on the MMA scene in Russia,” said Fedor, before sharing his advice for the young generation of Russian MMA fighters. “Still, I think there are some fighters who lay too much on their opponents, without delivering fans the exciting fight they deserve,” Fedor continued, adding the following “In my opinion, MMA fighter should be a thinking fighter. That’s the most important aspect – to think. And of course it’s very important to be well rounded. It’s great to see that a lot of young fighters keep moving in the right direction.”

MMA Convert breaks down the UFC VS NY situation – Things have been moving slower than molasses in terms of getting MMA sanctioned in New York, so today Zuffa pulled out another weapon in their arsenal: the lawsuit. Steve gave you the heads-up on the suit earlier, so I’m here to give you a breakdown on this nuclear bomb that’s been activated in the Empire State — and make no mistake, a lawsuit that implores the federal judicial system to take action against a state is no precision instrument meant to galvanize; it’s a weapon of mass destruction meant to leave devastation in its wake. If you want a law that empowers an athletic commission to regulate a sport, the nice, friendly route is to lobby, secure votes and let the system runs its course. The hard-ass route, which is far and away what this is, ensures that legislators are left grumbling. And a grumbling legislator can be bad. Very, very bad. But we’ll get to that later. Now, the facts…

Eddie Alvarez spoke with MMA Mania about his upcoming fight and future – “I spent the last three and a half months convincing myself that Mike Chandler actually has a shot at beating me and I sincerely convince myself every training camp that whoever fights me, they have a shot, they have a sincere shot of beating me and dominating me and that sort of is what drives me every training camp to push as hard as I do.”

MMA Fighting breaks has the UFC 139 Main Event Breakdown: Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua

Fightline takes a look at BJ Penn’s pound-for-pound legacy

Shane Carwin “As Good As New” Following Back Surgery according to 5th Round

Fight Opinion has Searchable text of UFC’s lawsuit against New York so you can get up to snuff with what is happening

Bleacher Report has the best role models in MMA

Anderson Silva appears in Ford Commercial via MMA Payout

Five Ounces of Pain proves that Stephan Bonnar maintains creativity whether inside the Octagon or out

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