Florian, Bisping and Cruz All Come Out Against TRT Use

Last night on UFC-run sports show UFC Tonight, a four-man panel of retired contender Kenny Florian, former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, middleweight contender Michael Bisping and injured bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz engaged in a discussion of the legalized use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in mixed martial arts. In spite of the increased amount of medical exemptions to use artificial testosterone for TRT allowed by athletic commissions, three of the four athletes came out as vehemently opposed to the procedure.

Only Evans defended the use of TRT, claiming that everyone will find a way to get some kind of illegal advantage, regardless, and at least TRT regulations unify how athletes go about doing so. In keeping with his demonstrated personality, Bisping proved the most outspoken, saying that the athletes should just “fight as human beings.”

TRT medical exemptions are granted by athletic commissions, allowing those applicant fighters to use artificial testosterone under a pre-approved doctor’s regiment and still gain a license to fight. Famous athletes who currently have medical exemptions for TRT use are Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Frank Mir.

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