Fisherman Suplex in MMA = Awesome

I don’t know anyone that does not love seeing pro wrestling moves done in MMA. Even the fans of MMA that loathe pro wrestling to its deepest core still enjoy seeing a powerbomb or suplex pulled off, and if they say otherwise they are completely lying. Today, it tickles me to say that someone has executed a very cool pro wrestling move in a real fight that will make you wet your pants.

Jump ahead to 29 seconds in if you want to see this epic suplex. The fisherman suplex, also known sometimes as the Perfect-Plex in honor of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, is a variation of a vertical suplex, except you hook one of the opponent’s legs, and typically finish the move by bridging and securing the leg to enter a pin. Seeing as how this is MMA, there are no pins so instead, the suplexer slammed his victim to the mat and let go, following it up with a perfect end to his high spot. I am still searching for the names of these fighters, so if you know it please feel free to share in the comments section. As Kurt Angle might say, it’s real – it’s damn real!

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