First look at Arianny Celeste action figure is “Meh”

Round 5 MMA is on a roll this week with unveiling some sneak peeks of their action figure prototypes. Yesterday we saw Urijah Faber, who looks pretty sweet. Today, we get out first look at UFC octagon girl and occasional mediocre pop-singer (and possibly plagarist) Arianny Celeste, who will be a rare chase figure in series 7 of their UFC Collector series. The results of this figure are like the headline says – meh.

I normally approve of all Round 5 figures, since I like their caricatured look. However, in the case of Arianny, this is just not cutting it for me. Her face looks like Fran Drescher, and her boobs are obscenely huge (even for Arianny). We can not see her legs yet, and I am a bit worried about those too. This looks like the most realistic figure that the company has made thus far, and her lower appendages are going to make or break this figure. This is not the first time that R5 has made a female figure, their first being Gina Carano from a few years ago, and it was far more stylized than this one. The figure pictured here reminds me of one of those cheap lollipop toys, that has a motorized sucker on it that, when you press a button, causes the lollipop to spin around. That’s really the bottom line here, this figure just looks cheap and out of place. Let’s hope that things change as this is just the prototype and not the final release.

Joining Celeste in series 7 will also be Georges St-Pierre (New sculpt), Frankie Edgar — Championship Edition (meaning it comes with a championship belt for the figure), Thiago Alves, Junior Dos Santos, Urijah Faber and their first version of Bruce Lee dressed as he was in “Enter the Dragon” (which will also be a chase figure). The figures will hit shelves in September of this year.

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