Fight Nerd Radio 10/6/09 with Dan “The Beast” Severn


On this edition of Fight Nerd Radio, we discuss the Dream 11 event which saw Aoki win the Lightweight title and Bibliano Fernandes take the Featherweight GP, as well as some lame mismatches. We also speak with Enrique Ruvalcaba of Jakks Pacific to discuss the upcoming launch of the UFC action figures as well as some exclusive news on them that you have not heard anywhere else!
Later in the show, we speak with UFC 5 Tourney champ, Ultimate Ultimate Champ and UFC Superfight champ as well as countless other title holder, Dan “The Beast” Severn as he gives his thoughts on the past, present and future of MMA, as well thoughts on his fights, fans and some insight into some things alot of fans might not be aware of.

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