Felice Herrig talks XFC fight against Patricia Vidonic

Fight Nerd reporter Hiroko Yamamura spoke with WMMA superstar Felice Herrig at Bellator 60, moments after her teammate Pat Curran dethroned Joe Warren for the Bellator featherweight title. Herring talked about watching her teammate win, her next XFC fight against Patricia Vidonic, her thoughts on the new popularity of WMMA after the Tate VS Rousey fight, the importance of making weight in WMMA, and more.

Also to note, Felice is still waiting to be paid for her last fight (where her opponent neglected to even make weight), so heads up to the execs at Fight Tour promotions to pay their fighters on time!

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  1. Johhny Appleseed // March 13, 2012 at 2:22 PM //

    Herrig is under estimating LPV. She is ONLY popular because she likes to take her clothes off. I hope it goes to the ground and LPV does what Roussey did!! She how cute she is then.

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