Felice Herrig on this weekend’s cancelled fight and state of women’s MMA

Fight Nerd Correspondent Hiroko Yamamura spoke with women’s MMA up-and-comer Felice Herrig this weekend at “Fight Tour” in Illinois. Herrig was scheduled to face Kelly Warren at 115 lbs., but Warren weighed in eight pounds over the limit and was unable to make weight in the alloted time. Herrig spoke about her disappointment over this, as well as why this is a slap in the face for women’s MMA. Plus, Tim Sylvia sneaks on camera for a few seconds – that dude lost serious weight!

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  1. Felice is right – not making weight is seriously unprofessional, for a man or a woman, and is especially detrimental to Womens MMA at a time when they need all the positive buzz that they can get to counteract the negative perceptions held by such important players as Zuffa/UFC, as well as a subset of MMA fans who don’t seem to take women in the sport seriously.

    Felice’s fight is at least the third womens bout in the past week or two that has cancelled for this reason, and this fact plays right into the hands of the nay-sayers out there, who almost seem to want women’s MMA to fail.

    The women in the sport have to be 110% on their game AT ALL TIMES right now, as this is a pivotal time in the sport for them. If the hater’s viewpoint gets reinforced by the fighters themselves, the future will be bleak for women in the sport. So, to all the women fighters out there, I ask this:

    Conduct yourselves as professionals at all times! Don’t get into profanity-laced twitter wars over nonsense, don’t duck fights that you feel are beneath you, and most of all, show up ready to fight if you do get a fight!

    Like it or not, you are being held to a higher standard than the men in the fight game. This is probably true of any endeavor from the gym to the workplace where women are making inroads into formerly male-only activities. Regardless of whether this is fair or not, it is a fact, and you need to commit yourself to meeting and exceeding this standard in the ring, in your online affairs and on the street.

    Felice is one of womens MMA’s best representatives and one of its’ most tireless promoters. She leverages everything she can get access to in order to promote the sport, whether or not she has a fight booked. The rest of the girls who are interested in joining the ranks of women fighters would be wise to study the way she does things and get busy promoting themselves, their sport and their gender in a positive, professional light. If we all pull in the same direction and don’t give the haters anything to hang their hats on, the sport will take off that much faster and everyone benefits.

    Good job, Felice!


  2. Felice was great in this interview…but dang debra..WTF…you really should know the names of the people you are interviewing, and more importantly try to pay attention and pretend to be interested while they are talking. You ask a question than just drift off, are you thinking of the next question before hearing her answer? The nerd needs to work with you a bit more…
    Sorry to be a harshy this mornin…if you want more traffic, your videos have to be compelling enough to make the other sites share it.

  3. Haha..wow! It’s probably a good idea to know the name of the person you’re interviewing BEFORE doing the actual interview…and if you get it wrong, that’s what editing is for.


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