Fedor VS Anderson Silva announced on Strikeforce site, then removed completely

Earlier today on Strikeforce’s official website, news broke that former Pride FC and WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko would be joining the UFC roster. His first opponent would be none other than UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, and the bout would be contested for “The Spider’s” title belt. The winner of that bout would then fight Georges St. Pierre at a catchweight, and the MMA world would finally have the dream matches and answers they seek… and then the story got pulled.

Turns out that this was the greatest troll job in MMA since the death of Kimo Leopoldo, as Strikeforce officials later announced that the story was untrue and their site was altered without their permission. Sources speculate whether the hacker was a former disgruntled Strikeforce employee or just a crazy fan with too much time on their hands.

Let’s be serious here, could Fedor ever cut to 185, let alone cut any weight at all? Fedor will already have his hands full as he meets Dan Henderson later this month in Strikeforce, hoping to end the Russian’s two-fight losing streak. Silva will be busy with Yushin Okami at UFC 134 as well, while GSP relaxes before starting his camp against Nick Diaz. Meanwhile, the troll responsible is most likely sitting back and licking the orange cheese dust off his fingers, before going back to his stained keyboard to write on a message board somewhere about how great he is. I hope he chokes on his cheetos.

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