Exclusive photos from fight rehearsals on “Warrior” film

Opening in theaters everywhere on September 9, “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton will hit the silver screen. Thanks to friend of The Fight Nerd, John C. Zielinski, we have this exclusive gallery of behind the scenes photos from the early fight rehearsals for this film, where the actors headed to Pennsylvania to shot test footage and get acclimated to the hard-hitting style of MMA.

Eric Hibler owned the MMA facility where the rehearsals and training took place, called The Pittsburgh Fight Club. Eric was one of the first real MMA instructor/competitors in Pittsburgh and he gave many of the local fighters competing today their start, not to mention being a major ambassador for MMA in Southwestern PA. Eric helped the casting department find extra fighters, acted as an uncredited consultant, held pads for Tom Hardy in the film and convinced the producers to cast his friend, Kurt Angle. Angle would go on to play the role of “Koba” in the film, a Fedor-like character that is at the top of the MMA food chain in “Warrior”.

These photos were taken during the first two weeks of fight rehearsals. The actors had yet to put on the extra muscle you will see in the film. Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and the stunt team worked their asses off and were constantly getting injured. Also on set for this shoot was Punkass and Skyscrape from the TapouT crew. Unfortunately, the club where this was shot no longer exists. A flood wiped out the place last year, which gave one of his business partners the opportunity to seize the space for himself.

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