Evgeni Kogan on M-1 Global in America, Fedor in the UFC, & Russian MMA

The Fight Nerd spoke with the Director of Operations of M-1 Global (who we mentioned yesterday had just announced their first women’s championship), Evgeni Kogan, at the MMA World Expo 2010. Kogan and I discuss Fedor’s controversial contract and if he will ever fight in the UFC, any chances for M-1 Global being on pay per view or on any cable networks, and breaks down the negative stigma that M-1 has. We also talk about if any of the M-1 Global championships will be defended in America or if they will all be contended for in Russia, and what the differences are between American and Russian MMA fighters. Evgeni also tells us what his first memory of MMA is and I must admit, I was pretty surprised at it and you will be too!

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  1. elan yadan says:

    I went to the M-1 Selection Americas: Semi-Finals in AC and let me just say that the fights were very entertaining. I think 4 m-1 Events per year on Showtime would be a tremendous gift to all mma fans in the US. Also they have from really good prospects to look forward to. Byron Byrd from the US is a must watch fighter and I would love to see some m-1 vs Strikeforce challenger series type of events. That would be Awesome!

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