Dragon Ball Z inspired Marcus Brimage to fight

TUF 14 veteran Marcus Brimage is a nerd. He can never deny it now, because I have the proof.

In an interview with Derek Padula on The Dao of Dragon Ball, Brimage explained that DBZ is responsible, along with his love of Quinton Jackson (which came later in life), for making him train in martial arts and eventually become an MMA fighter:

Goku is such a super nice guy, but he’s super powerful. Vegeta is a badass, you expect him to be powerful. But I was always a nice guy and like making people laugh, and to see someone that was good hearted and kind, and all of a sudden he’s this powerful fighter, it really made me think that, ‘Man, I can do that.’

It inspired me because in Alabama we don’t really have any martial arts, except Taekwondo. I just never liked Taekwondo. We have a few boxing gyms, but I wanted to learn how to kick and knee and all this other stuff.

I was in Alabama and I just basically had all these ambitions because of Dragon Ball Z. I mean, dude, c’mon, you’ve seen it, the fights are unreal. One of my favorite fights is when 17 fought against Piccolo, and the way Piccolo was using the body blows. He was hitting him so hard that the f*****g fist was coming through the back of his shirt.

You know that you are also a nerd when you understand that when he says 17, he means Android 17 from the Cell saga. I knew that without blinking, so Marcus, we salute you. You are over 9000, no matter what anyone else’s power scanners say.

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