Din Thomas has a few more words for Ricardo Mayorga

While the pay-per-view may have fizzled out, the feud between Din Thomas and Ricardo Mayorga is still burning!

Recently, Ricardo Mayorga went on a twitter tirade bashing MMA with his usual comparisons to grappling being gay and berating fighters. American Top Team’s Din Thomas, who was supposed to fight Mayorga over a year ago on May 15, 2010, at Shine Fights: World’s Collide pay-per-view (which never happened) has spoken out against the former champion once more. Thomas spoke with MMA Spot and explained that he still has plenty of bad feelings for the boxer. “Comedian Steve Harvey said, ‘Dogs don’t bark at parked cars…they only bark at cars that are moving.’ This couldn’t be more evident than all the Chihuahua style yappin’ from Ricardo Mayorga. It’s easy to yap when there’s people to protect him at press conferences, weigh-ins, and now on Twitter. He claims to want to fight Nick Diaz, B.J. Penn, and myself, of course. He had his chance with me at Shine Fights last May in Fayetteville, N.C. and he didn’t show up.”

Thomas went on to explain how he saw the situation surrounding Mayorga’s unwillingness to step into the ring against him last May:

“Here’s the story many people may not know. Even after the court injunction was ruled to stop the fight, Devin Price, Dorian Price, and Ron Foster said they would still move forward with the fight. All the fighters left for the arena. I was there. Guess who never left the hotel? Ricardo Mayorga never left his hotel room. He was nowhere to be found. This leads me to believe he had no intention of fighting in the first place. He had no intention of fighting. He is all smoke and mirrors. If he really wanted to fight, he would have been there… A year later, I have moved on, and he wants to bark. Let’s not forget the last time you tried to bark. I parked the car, you ran back up to the porch, and hid in your hotel room.”

Thomas has previously said he would face Mayorga wearing boxing gloves if that made things easier, but nothing has come from it. Will Mayorga VS Thomas ever happen, or will the world be left yearning for this mega-match that will never be?

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