Dan Hardy Reveals Nerd Roots at HEROES Grand Opening

UFC welterweight Dan Hardy is apparently a collector of X-Men cards and a huge fan of star wars. In the above interview courtesy of independent Canadian outfit MMA Exposed, Hardy talks about some of his nerdier hobbies at a guest appearance for the grand opening of HEROES comic emporium.

“More the artwork than anything,” Hardy, who previously pursued art design before becoming a full time fighter, mentioned of his appreciation for comic books. “I collect all the old X-Men cards. I have huge collections of them and stuff like that. All the old comic book art was what I got into. And Star Wars.”

While Hardy doesn’t rank too highly in the nerd echelon based on that alone, it would rank The Outlaw among our number. Hardy goes on to discuss the roller coaster ride that has been his career and his appreciation for his fan base.

*Editor’s note: If you were too young in the 90’s to remember the collectable comic book trading cards, please don’t depress thefightnerd.com staff with your relative youth.

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