DADA 5000 goes pro, will fight Kimbo in 2012

Two famous street fighters from Florida are living the dream, and both are about to get the match of their lives against each other!

Florida-based street fighter DADA 5000 went on the Rodolfo Roman show yesterday to announce that he would be fighting for the WFO heavyweight championship of the world. Additionally, on January 12 he will be fighting Kimbo Slice in an MMA match on pay-per-view at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, or possibly at Universal Studios in Florida (venue is still to be locked down). DADA learned towards Universal Studios since he said “they would give a bigger purse.” Why is this match so big? For the Florida fighting community, both fighters are hometown heroes who rose up from obscurity to top-dollar fighting careers. Bragging rights will be on the line, but more importantly, so will a lot of money.

Kimbo Slice was successful in his pro-boxing debut, and seemed to be heading into pugilism permanently rather than MMA. Things have changed, but even with MMA rules, chances are both fighters will be swinging for the fences anyway. DADA actually has a legit MMA record, but he has not exactly fought any world-beaters yet. His match against Kimbo will be the highest profile bout that he has had, and for Kimbo, it should be another nice paycheck. Let’s just hope the match does not go the way of Ken Shamrock VS James Toney and fall apart. We will have more news on this match as it develops.

You can check out one of Dada’s MMA fights after the jump!

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  1. mike says:

    lol at the weights

  2. Fred says:

    Heh, yeah saw the weight misprint. Lol at the skill level of these ‘pro’ mma fighters. 😛 Three cheers for closing your eyes and swinging wild.

  3. Lou says:

    Man Kimbo will kill this guy … looks like a toughman fight!

  4. Norm says:

    Kimbo Slice is exactly that a slice of Humble Pie! He
    couldn’t fight his way out of cathouse!!He is a joke as was his first fight on UFC,when all he did was decorate the canvas!!!!!

  5. Lonniebatt says:

    WHAT A CAN!!!!! that was horrible

  6. Jason says:

    Dada 5000 was swinging and flailing like a kid on a school yard.
    If he gets put in with an actual disciplined fighter his career will be even shorter than Kimbo’s!

  7. BrutalTruth says:

    Two horrible tomato cans swinging like two grandmothers. I can’t believe people actually pay to see such garbage.

  8. Malice_Unarmed says:

    PPV? Really? Who would actually pay for that? Thank Jebus for the internet, has potential to be a good fight but I wouldn’t waste any money on it. Having the fight in MMA doesn’t make much sense, Kimbo sucks in MMA and he is fighting in boxing now, DADA is fighting in boxing too… Why wouldn’t they just box? I’d rather see them in boxing gloves, would last longer, could have seen an exciting boxing fight which none has happened for quite awhile. Wonder if the thought behind having them fight in MMA is that they would make more money considering it’s generally only the high profile boxers that make good money.

  9. Anthony says:

    Say what you want about Kimbo vs elite MMA talent (UFC)… he’s still heads above DADA 5000. Kimbo is guarded, fast (well… faster than DADA), skilled in boxing, and actually has ‘some’ MMA ability. He might have been the low-man in the UFC… but he’d murder this wannabe.

  10. Hey people, most of you are morons if you dont see Kimbo will devistate this guy. Kimbo beat James Thompson, an actual MMA fighter, he also beat Houston Alexander, someone who has had his moments in the UFC, and who are the only losses on Kimbo’s record? Seth Petrzullli, who aint too shabby, and Matt Mitrione who is turning out to be a UFC heavy weight contender soon. Kimbo can actually slam people (he slammed the hell out of Mitrione) and his punches are tighter and compact. What he lacked is conditioning and more refined techniques )not something I see much in Dada). Kimbo might not be good enough to make it int he UFC but he can totally rule some of these lower tier MMA promotions, and he will devastate this dada guy.

  11. Your Mom says:

    That was hilarious and awful at same time

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