Culinary Workers Union creates anti-UFC website

The battle between Zuffa and the Culinary Workers Union has heated up, as the union has now created a website targeted against the UFC, with a large focus against UFC President Dana White.

Maintained by the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226, the website uses the acronym of UFC to stand for “Unfit For Children” instead of the “Ultimate Fighting Championship.” Dana White’s many rants are listed in detail on this page across a series of sub-categories, including “Obscenities”, “Slurs” which features many of the comments DFW directed at Loretta Hunt among others, “Cheap Shots” which focuses on remarks about random people involved in entertainment and sports, and “Other $#@%!!!” which documents rude comments that UFC fighters have said about others, including Chael Sonnen’s negative thoughts on Brazil. On the sidebar of the page, the Union also lists companies that promote and support the UFC, including TapouT, Xyience, Bud Light, and Harley Davidson.

Previously, the Culinary Union had released a letter they sent to the FTC, imploring the government to investigate the business-side of the UFC with info on why they believe the company is quickly becoming a monopoly in MMA. Zuffa has been using this particular union as the main reason that UFC is not in New York yet, although it is known that Station Casinos, which is run by the Fertitta’s, does not employ union workers. Without getting to deep into matters of unions, the fight between these two groups is growing as the CWU has made another push in their anti-UFC campaign.

You can take a look at the site at this link here. This nerd will be investigating more into the matter and seeking a direct statement from union officials, and I will report back when I get a response.

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  1. evilCheneycyborgzombie // October 7, 2011 at 11:59 AM //

    Its true, Dana’s an undigestable pile of garbage.

    And you have to admit… it would be a better world if men would learn how to cook rather than waste all that energy on fighting.

  2. Unfit for Civilization is probably a little more accurate, but this is good too

  3. UFC and MMA is not the same.UFC is an organization,MMA is a sport.There are other organizations like Bellator,Dream,Bamma,KSW and many more that have nothing to do with that garbage called Dana White.
    Also you have to realize that the way the fighters in the UFC behave and the fact that the North American fans like it is just showing you the American culture.UFC is a mirror to the state your society is in.
    In Japan MMA throughout the years have symbolized respect,honor and pride.Your society is garbage and it reflects in what UFC IS.
    MMA is Not UFC

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