Cecil Peoples gets caught in riot during 1980’s kickboxing event and we have the video

11 Chairs To The Head by Cecil Peoples from Letibleu on Vimeo.

There is nothing like a good old fashioned riot at a combat sports show, especially when it involves Cecil Peoples… and is set to the music of Richard Cheese!

Everyone’s favorite UFC judge that we love to hate, Cecil Peoples, was involved in a big riot back in the 1980’s at a kickboxing event. Here is the story according to World Black Belt:

As the story goes, Cecil was one of the judges for a fight between WorldBlackBelt Founding Member Saeksan Janjira and Rod Key, a fighter out of Benny Urquidez’s famous Jet Center, when in the third round Saeksan landed a knee to the face of Key who was down on the mat at the time. The California State Athletic Commissioner sitting ringside along with Martial Art stars like Benny the Jet Urquidez, Chuck Norris, Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Peter Cunningham. As things started to get out of hand, the Commissioner jumped up and tired to stop the fight, but the referee, handling one of his first bouts, told the fighters to continue.

Pandemonium then set in when the Rubin Urquidez went over to Saeksan’s corner to tell him that knees were not allowed and was hit by Saeksan’s brother Chai who thought he was threatening his brother. A full-scale riot ensued, chairs flying, people punching and kicking each other and in the middle of it all was Cecil. “I still don’t remember doing half of the stuff I did, but it’s all on the video,” recalls Cecil. “They started coming at me from all angles so I just started jabbing away with my judge’s pen, and then somebody comes flying at me with a Bruce Lee side kick, so I smashed him with an elbow while another guy was holding my legs, and I kneed him in the face.” Even today Cecil is not sure how he got out of this surreal scene alive and without any injuries.

Reminds you of the many ECW riots, which were equally awesome except that they lacked Chuck Norris’ involvement in it. Video find via Fight Linker

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  1. morris Everett III says:

    thats Danny Trejo, the actor/ex-con former golden gloves champ who winds up throwing down on Cecil after the lull….

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