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OSMMA Review Awards, Volume 1 (1993-1996)

The Old School MMA Review returns with their inaugural edition of the OSMMA Review Awards! After a month of voting on, The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon have tallied the votes and read the comments, and on this episode we reveal the winners (and sometimes losers) of the twelve categories that included nominees like […]


Old School MMA Review: UFC 4 – Revenge of the Warriors

It’s time for another Old School MMA Review, with The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon. On this episode, we continue down SEG memory lane with an in-depth look at UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors”, and there will be plenty of revenging going on in this one! Featuring the oldest fighter to ever compete in […]


Old School MMA Review: UFC 3

The Old School MMA Review returns, as we tackle one bizarre early SEG UFC event, UFC 3: The American Dream! Originally billed as champion vs challenger, with the intent to see the returning Ken Shamrock take on the two-time tournament winner Royce Gracie, what really unfurled as the night went on shocked MMA fans everywhere. […]


Old School MMA Review: UFC 2

The Fight Nerd, Matthew Kaplowitz, and Zane Simon are back for another round of Old School MMA! This week, we continue looking at the SEG UFC period with UFC 2: No Way Out! We break down the biggest one-night tournament that the UFC ever held and discuss why this might be one of the best […]


Old School MMA Review: UFC 1

The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon of go back to the distant year of 1993 to watch the inaugural show of the first Ultimate Fighting Challenge…. er, championship, as part of the first episode of the Old School MMA Review! Coming from Denver, Colorado on November 12, the first UFC event was one of […]


Another 10 MMA Fights You’ve Never Seen Before!

It’s time for Another 10 MMA Fights You’ve Never Seen Before! Ten more fights that separate the casual TUF noob from the hardcore mixed martial arts die-hard! The rules for this video are simple; no fights from UFC, WEC, Pride FC, Strikeforce, IFL, Elite XC, DREAM, Bellator, none of the big boys allowed! How many […]


Fight Nerd Flashback: Muhammad Ali VS Superman

Back at New York Comic Con 2010, I talked about an amazing statue I found from DC Direct in my vlog. Lo and behold, at the end of my video I unveiled a gift from the company – that same statue I had featured in the video. And what was that statue of, you might […]


Fight Nerd Flashback: Jerry Springer & MMA

The Fight Nerd takes a trip down memory lane as we look at an old episode of The Jerry Springer show where “the ringmaster” discusses MMA with some pro fighters from the battlecade organization including Ralph Gracie, John Lewis and Scott Nelson. This is back when Jerry actually gave his opinion on real topics, but […]


10 more fights you’ve never seen before!

The Fight Nerd returns with 10 more fights you have never seen before! We keep the countdown going but with more big names you know from UFC and Strikeforce.


MMA History – Gene Lebell VS Milo Savage, 1963

The first American MMA fight – Gene Lebell VS Milo Savage from 1963! It’s Judo VS Boxing, who comes out on top?